Owning a property also includes day-to-day management throughout the year, we have chosen to accompany you in order for you to have only to enjoy your property.

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The main advantage of this service is that you delegate to our care all the daily worries related to the management of your property. Indeed, Chantal Brohée pillar of the Agency since 2004 takes care of managing your property for you and this involves the payment of your invoices and various taxes, administrative formalities, general maintenance but also small maintenance or improvement works. We offer and execute this service in close collaboration with you but also with our network of handpicked service providers with whom we maintain genuine relationships of trust.

If however you have a property available for long-term rental, know that we also take care of this management: from the choice of the tenant, the establishment of the inventory and management of the property throughout the duration of the lease and more. Stéphanie Barbaro-Cismondo with us since 2015 takes care of everything with efficiency and kindness.

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